A woman’s health is
her greatest wealth

- Melinda Gates -

Health is one of our greatest defences and strengths. Being healthy and living healthy is a choice we make every day, for ourselves and our families. A choice that takes commitment, careful planning and curated information. We believe you should give your body the attention it deserves, to help you be the best you can be in the multiple roles you play through life.

Our website is all about empowering women like you. It’s about enabling you to reach your full potential by educating you on possible signs and symptoms that may have been brushed off as part of a busy lifestyle. It is a knowledge hub designed to help you make informed choices to prevent and manage women’s health conditions.

Take charge of your health today

Here is a carefully curated collection of information on important health topics for women.
Check out practical tips and symptom checkers, designed to help you identify and address any concerns.

Symptom checkers

Tired all the time?
You could be iron deficient. Click here to find out more.
Know your bone health
Click here to find out if you may be prone to osteoporosis.
Find out if you or your partner may be infertile

You are stronger than you know.

Joanna did not know if she had it in her to try again. The pain, the crushing disappointment was so familiar, as was the deep-seeded anger and intense guilt. She just wanted to have a baby, so much! Why couldn’t she have what was naturally supposed to be? Read her story here

Quick reads on practical tips, personal experiences and health advice

From egg to embryo – the amazing journey

Having a baby is a such a natural part of life that we tend to take it for granted. But the act of getting pregnant—creating a life inside of you—is nothing short of a miracle.

Boosting up on iron during COVID-19

Stay healthy and strong with sensible food choices and eating habits. A little bit of iron goes a long way.

Beautiful blue booties

Over the years, I learnt that life doesn’t always pan out the way you envision it. Life plans change, and even though I didn’t believe it at the time, ‘everything does happen for the best’. Those years of despair and disappointment ultimately led me to the most precious person in my life - my son.

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