Being healthy is a choice you make, every day

Iron-rich recipes

Whip up some amazing meals for yourself and your family. These recipes are rich in iron, easy to make and delicious.

A positive attitude can help you cope with osteoporosis

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Eat your way to healthier bones

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Staying fit and happy through osteoporosis

I was thoroughly enjoying my retirement. I got the chance to travel the world and visit my two sons who were studying in London, and my daughter (soon-to-be-mum) who was a professor in Switzerland. I went hiking with my eldest son who was an avid nature-lover, and rock-climbing with my youngest son who was a part-time parkour trainer

Iron to the rescue

When we get caught up with everything that life throws at us, and all the multiple roles we have to play to perfection, it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves. But ladies, YOU are important. I didn’t know the signs, and I didn’t look out for myself. Good thing my friends did.

"Once you choose hope, anything is possible” – Christopher Reeve

It’s easy to walk away and give up. I know I did. I tried so many times, so many years, and each time, it was just tears and an empty heart. How much more could I endure? It turns out, EVERY tear just made my ultimate gift even more precious - my beautiful twins.

Which fertility treatment works for you?

Whilst the array of available fertility treatment options is heartening, it can also be daunting. How can you know which treatment option works best for you?

Boosting up on iron during COVID-19

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From egg to embryo

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